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We represent victims of workplace sexual harassment.

Washington Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Our firm represents victims of severe and egregious sexual harassment in multi-plaintiff cases. Our mission is to help employees in sexually hostile work environments. We seek to obtain compensation for our clients, eradicate perpetrators of sexual harassment from the workplace, and to change workplaces and workplace policies to end sexual harassment. We handle complex cases against large employers, and fight for our clients' rights.

If you and others in your workplace have experienced sexual harassment by a co-worker, supervisor, boss, or any third party (customer, client, independent contractor, vendor, etc.), you and/or others have complained to management about the sexual harassment, and the sexual harassment has continued, don't hesistate to contact us today to see if we can help. Under Federal Law, there are strict time limits for bringing a case. The statute of limitations under Federal Law is 300 days from the last incident of harassment.

We also represent victims of workplace retaliation. If you and others have experienced a reduction in hours or a termination for making sexual harassment complaints, this may be unlawful retaliation, and we can consult with you and others about your options and rights. 

We are an experienced legal team that assists victims of severe or pervasive workplace sexual harassment. Along with our co-counsel and local counsel, we have collectively represented hundreds of workers in sexual harassment hostile work environment cases throughout Washington and other states. 

If you and others have been sexually harassed in the workplace, and you are ready to take next steps, click HERE to start our Virtual Case Review.

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