Job Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Laws Can Help You Find Justice

On the job sexual harassment is something we fight against. Our law firm knows all of the sexual harassment laws in Washington state and on the federal level. We can help you with your case. Reaching out to us about your workplace harassment case is the start of finding the justice you deserve.

In the state of Washington, all forms of workplace sexual harassment are illegal. It does not matter if it was a boss, co-worker, or third party. This law protects women, men, and our trans community from facing workplace sexual harassment.

If you are looking to find representation for on the job sexual harassment, our law firm has the skills you need. We have collectively represented hundreds of people in the state of Washington and we are more than prepared to add you to the list of people we have successfully represented.

The first step in finding out how sexual harassment laws can protect you is to get in touch with our law firm. According to federal law, there is a 300 day statute of workplace sexual harassment from the date of the last occurrence.
Reach out to us today and we will determine if our law firm is a good fit for your case!

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