Sexual harassment is offensive and unwanted conduct in the workplace. 

A Sexual Harasser can be a coworker, a boss, a customer, a patient, a vendor, a client, or any other third party harasser.

Sexual Harassment can be comments, touching, gestures, text messages, pictures, videos, sexual assaults, advances, requests for dates, or any other form of unwanted and offensive sexually-based action in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment is not limited to male on female harassment. Washington Sexual Harassment Laws make any kind of sexual harassment unlawful - sexual harassment based on sex, gender and gender status harassment (including transgender sexual harassment) and sexual orientation harassment are all unlawful under Washington State Sexual Harassment laws.

Washington sexual harassment cases MUST be brought within 300 days (under Federal Law) of the last incident of sexual harassment. If you think you may have a sexual harassment case, do not hesistate to reach out to an experienced sexual harassment attorney today.

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